The core objective of the Mandatory Training Programmes includes enhancing knowledge and skills of cooperative officers at all levels on cooperative management to enable them to provide a high quality service to the cooperative sector and the nation. Accordingly, Cooperative development officers in central government and provincial departments of cooperative are mandatory to follow Certificate Course in Cooperative Development and Diploma Course in Cooperative Development conducted by National Institute of Co-operative Development (NICD), Polgolla.

NICD carries over 70 years of experience in the performance of its responsibilities, which are thickly underscored by efficient and effective responses to changing cooperative sector human resource capability and development needs of the country.

Certificate Course in Cooperative Development

All cooperative development officers recruited into Department of Cooperative Development are mandatory to follow this course for fulfillment of their first efficiency bar examination and get the permanency status of service.

  • Providing basic understanding on cooperative identity and cooperative enterprise.
  • Providing knowledge on the role of a Cooperative Development officer as a field officer.
  • Inculcating knowledge, attitude and skills in Cooperative Development Officers  required to act as a community facilitator and mobilizer
Course contents
  • Cooperative vision and historical background
  • Accountancy - 1
  • Information Technology
  • Socioeconomic development
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Community based economic development & the cooperative
  • Establishments Code & Financial Regulations
  • Audit and cooperative audit
  • Practical cooperative accounting
  • Cooperative law and common law
  • Sinhala or Tamil & English
Course Duration

Full time residential training consisting of two semesters of 4 ½ months each and a practical training of 3 months.

Target Group

Newly recruited Cooperative Development Officers to the Department of Cooperative Development.

Training Methodology

Lectures, exercises, multimedia presentations, video clippings, case studies and field studies


Candidates who score the stipulated number of marks at the written test and presentation skills evaluation held at the end of each term and from assignments are awarded the certificate.

Course Coordinator

Mr. Kelum Wickremasinghe,
Senior lecturer,
January 2017- Northwestern provincial group, second semester
Inquiries - +94 718 040 470

Mr. Nandana Bandara,
Senior lecturer,
December 2016 - Southern provincial group, first semester
Inquiries - +94 718 009 281

Diploma Course in Cooperative Development

Permanent cooperative development officers in Department of Cooperative Development after their 5th year in the profession are mandatory to follow this diploma as the second efficiency bar examination.

  • Providing theoretical and practical knowledge required for the Cooperative Development Officer as a public officer on strategies necessary to establish cooperative enterprise as an economic enterprise.
  • Developing knowledge, attitudes and skills required for Cooperative Development Officer required for the delivery of flexible, qualitative and excellent service.
Course Contents
  • Cooperative development & practical application
  • Organizational behaviors
  • Financial accounting
  • Marketing management and application
  • Audit practice
  • Microfinance management & analysis of financial reports
  • Practical accounting
  • Cooperative law and common law
  • Entrepreneurial and project management
  • Cost and management accountancy
  • Human resources management
  • Computer based accounting & audit
Course Duration

One year with 06 month residential study period and 06 month field training.

Target Group

Cooperative development officers serving in the Department of Co-operative Development who have passed the Certificate Course on Cooperative Development and confirmed in their posts.

Training methodology

Lectures, exercises, multimedia presentations, video clippings, case studies and field studies


Written test held at the end of each term, assignments / presentations and evaluation of audit reports

Course Coordinator

Mr. Ajith Amarakeerthi,
Senior lecturer
Inquiries - +94 718 133 228