Student Hostel

image1 There are two single beds in a room and two common bath rooms for each story in the two story building. There are four such hostels. The full capacity of these hostels is 152 residents and located in beautiful and quiet area. The newly added “H” hall has common bath room facilities and 06 rooms within 3 beds in a room & residence capacity is18. Total residence capacity is 170.

Commercial Hostel

This does not belong to the category of student hostels and residential facilities are given for the outside parties.  This scheme has 03 hostels.

New Ratnayake Hostel

New Ratnayake Hall had been constructed with the objective of providing residential facilities for special people and foreign teams and it is air conditioned, hot water and attached bath room facilities. It has 16 single rooms & 4 double rooms and total capacity is 24 residents.

Ratnayake Hostel

This Hostel has 11 rooms and 7 A/C & Attach Bathrooms, 04 rooms with A/C and Common bath room facilities, this total capacity is 22 residents.

New Ratnayake Houses Those who expect residential facilities as members of a family, one co-operative society and a team in an institute can be provided with such facilities. These two houses has an attached bath rooms, each house are 3 Beds rooms within a 3 beds. Total capacity is 14 residents in two House.


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Lecturer Halls


Ratnayake Hall

This hall is more suitable for conducting seminars and workshops. It is also air conditioned and has projector and public address system (PA System) facilities. Seating capacity is 55.



Rochdale Hall

This hall is suitable for group activities of academic and training nature within 60 Seating Capacity. It is also air conditioned and has Audio Visual facilities.


Vincent Subasinghe Hall

This hall has modern audio system and facilities for stage dramas and film shows and for other similar activities. It has 500 seats and satisfies the needs of an auditorium in the area.


B. Hall

There is a historical value to this lecture hall and has comfortable 80 seats with audio visual facilities.

New Rochdale Hall

There is a great demand for this lecture theater from the scholars as it is located in calm and quiet area. It has 80 seats with audio visual facilities.

C 1 – C2 Halls

These are more suitable for small groups and they have been provided with modern seats and it has air conditioned facilities. There are 35 seats in C -1 Lecture Hall & 20 seats in C-2 Lecture Hall (55 altogether) complete with audio visual facilities.

Multipurpose Building

New Information Technology Center with the Professional Education Division is located in the multipurpose building and there are three lecture rooms in it. All those lecture rooms have modern facilities with comfortable chairs and higher level facilities can be provided to 175 scholars.

Transport Service

image1 In addition to the official vehicles and pool of corporate vehicles used for the official duties, the bus belongs to the institute is a very good asset for providing transport service to the scholars and outside parties.

Information Technology Center

The Information Technology Center which came among the facilities of the institute shows the strength of the institute for computer courses. The computer section is furnished with modern equipment and consists of 04laboratories, and 100 computers.  All those computers are networked and provided with internet facilities. Accordingly, computer division is considered as a complete information center.

Audio Visual Facilities

This Unit provides facilities for courses carried out in the subject of co-operative programmes conducted by outsider organizations. It has projectors, multimedia facilities other audio visual methods for lectures. The Unit facilitates for micro teaching system using videography and video films. Another service of this Unit is the collection of photographs of special occasions and different programmes held at the NICD. This Unit is also producing advertisements for TV programs related to co-operative sector.

Printing Facilities

press2This Unit is equipped with a modern offset printing machine and a Duplo printing machine. The institute has invested Rs. 45 lacks for this unit. Publications of the Institute are carried out here and it is expected to extend this unit to a government, co-operative and private sector Printing Unit.

Holiday Resort

holiday resort 3 In addition to the educational activities carried out by the National Institute of Co-operative Development as a government institution the Holiday Resort located in a quiet environment takes a special place. It provides residential, food service at reasonable prices.

Other Facilities

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